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An application to check user's health Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240197D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-12
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Here are disclosed a system and method for remotely checking the health status of a remote computer user. Implemented as a software application, it handle generally the critical conditions of health and safety of a monitored user (both be living human or animal)

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An application to check user 's health

    The method and system here disclosed remotely check the health status of a remote computer user that could be either living human or animal. For a human user, specific legal obligations related to worker safety have to be met.

    As illustrated in the figure below, the system comprises a Control Unit (CU) which communicates with an intelligent sensor (IS) through a interface module (IM). This allows the CU to detect the vital parameters of the User (human or not human). The CU can be replaced in part or completely by any equipment provided with: CPU, GPS, communication circuit RF short-range (WIFI, Bluetooth, Infrared, ANT +), a circuit for long-range communication (GPRS, UMTS, Wimax, etc. ) and a motion sensor (accelerometer or gyroscopic). If the replacement is partial (limited to CM and CU), the IM has to be an external device built ad-hoc and interconnected (physically or wirelessly) with the CU device.

    The IS is a sensor that can be wearable/hand-held, or placed close to the user; it is built in a way allowing to read information about the vital parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc) and it can embed also a normal circuit with electric contact, with mode NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed). The IS can be fitted with transducers capable of detecting the presence in the air of a gases rate, which is harmful for the living being (carbon monoxide CO, methane CH4, hydrogen sulfide H2S) or a too low percentage of vital gases as the oxygen (normally present in the air to 18-20%). The IS can also be fitted with environmental sensors such as a relative humidity sensor (RHS), and yet of oxygen (O), to assess the quality and comfortability of the air breathed.

    The CM is dealing with the transmission of information to recipients who may be a server and / or a Peer Recipient; transmission can be made using pr...