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Method and System to Manage Business Emails Helping to Improve Worker Life Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240199D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-12
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Method and system to manage business email to improve worker life and more particularly to help the worker to balance work time and private life time.

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Method and System to Manage Business Emails Helping to Improve Worker Life

    Balancing work and life is one of the most critical issues for workers. On one hand the task of receiving business notifications such as emails and instant messaging out of the working time can help anticipating problems at work but one the second hand this task should take the least time as possible, to limit additional work time during the private life (during his vacation and off hours).

    It would be desirable to filter the most important notifications according to additional rules and, as a second requirement, for flexible connectivity purpose, to allow access these properly filtered notifications from the web browser also, in case the mail client tool is not installed on his mobile device.

    The solutions to this problem that are currently available are based on building static rules on the mail client to store specific, important mails into a certain folder, but those rules have limited applicability since they can be applied on limited fields.

    The solution aims at dynamically building a priority list of notifications depending both, for instance when the worker is a company employee, on the company guidelines and the role played by the individual within the company.

    A new software component , the Company Message Ruler, communicates between the Company Mail Server and the Employee Mobile Mail Client Tool which exist already and are extended for implementing the solution. The Company Message Ruler performs all the static and dynamic tasks to properly filter the messages to be sent to the Employee Mobile Message Tool during off hours. An employee will keep on receiving all the notifications in the normal way if connected from a workstation or laptop but will receive only the filtered ones if connected to his Mobile.

    This will be true either if the employee connects from his Mobile Client Tool or from a web browser.

    The importance of the message is evaluated dynamically depending on:

- the Company priorities at that that time
- the Employee role, skills, availability and preferences - the Business impact of the Message Topic


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    This solution takes into account these aspects to decide if it is worth to notify the Employee out of the working time.

    The solution technically relies on and enhances the currently available software infrastructure for replicating mail messages onto mobile devices. The description of the components of the solution and their interaction follows their illustration in the component diagram below:

    A new software module, the Device Synchronizer, acts as a push email product that provides email access for mail users using supported mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

    The Device Synchronizer wirelessly synchronizes, via HTTPS and SSL connections, email, calendar, contacts, journal and to-do data with a mail server without compromising the security aspects of the organization. It can be installed on the same physical m...