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Optimizing Organizational Design During Transformation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240200D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-12
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Disclosed are a system and method for creating customer-focused teams within an organization and planning the transformation schedule from existing teams into the new model.

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Optimizing Organizational Design During Transformation

Service providers are continually looking for method to meet client -focused goals such as improved delivery quality, improved response, and improved account management.

Although there are many ad-hoc ways to define improved quality, this disclosure addresses how to provide quality service for customers while maintaining the cost advantage, as well as how to plan for transformation from technology -focused teams to customer-focused teams

Current transformations are unplanned and done based on ad -hoc rules. No scientific methods are used. As a result, teams formed may be too small and need additional people or may be too large to be customer-centric. In addition, unplanned transformations can cause many changes in existing structures .

The novel solution is a system and method for transforming a technology -focused organizational design model to a customer-focused design model. This includes a method to quantify the sustainability and management complexity of a customer focused team. The key novel components of this model are and Inner Optimization Loop and an Outer Optimization Loop.

The Inner Optimization Loop uses two customer-focused team criteria -- sustainability and management complexity -- to decide (a) which customers can be grouped to form sustainable teams that (b) have minimal management complexity. The Outer Optimization Loop creates a multi-stage transformation for customer-focused teams in order to minimize any disruptive effect on existing teams.

Figure 1: Inner and Outer Optimization Loops

Implementing this solution comprises the following steps :

1. Quantifying busi...