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Interactive NFC Grid Display Screens Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240206D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-13
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Using multiple NFC chips configured as a grid behind an interactive display screen, it is possible for users with NFC enabled smartphones to interact with screens such as TVs, computer monitors, advertising screens, kiosks and interactive billboards.

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Interactive NFC Grid Display Screens

Large flat displays are becoming more and more affordable. As well as TVs in the home, and computer monitors, they are being used as advertising displays and information kiosks. Currently the main way to interact with display screens is via a touch interface like a mobile phone or tablet. There is also the ability to generate QR codes which can be scanned by a mobile phone camera. While this gives interaction between a mobile phone and a large display screen, this process is currently quite cumbersome.

This invention proposes a grid of connected NFC chips embedded behind the LCD/OLED layer of the display screen. This allows a user with an NFC equipped mobile device to interact with a specific portion of the screen, and have his or her mobile device screen work in harmony with the display

NFC phones are becoming commonplace. Today Android based phones have the majority market share and almost all have embedded NFC chips - including the hugely popular Samsung models. Large screen displays in almost every home, and are becoming more popular in public places such as advertising window displays and public kiosks.

Interaction between these two devices can be enabled by embedding a grid of NFC chips behind the layer of the screen that displays the picture. This allows one or many people to touch their NFC equipped mobile devices to an image on the screen and allow the devices to interact. This can be done via the NFC chip, or using the NFC connection to negotiate a data connection via Bluetooth or the Internet if more bandwidth is required.

Figure 1 shows the NFC...