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Pseudo-real-time Message/Feed Playback Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240209D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-13
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The user experience of reviewing instant messages (or any feed of items) can be substantially improved with the use of a "playback" feature, which will display the items one by one and simulate the time gaps between them. A formula is proposed to convert each actual time gap to a "pseudo-real-time" gap, so as to avoid long delays during the playback.

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Pseudo-real-time Message/Feed Playback

Instant messaging (IM) has seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years, with the advent of apps such as WhatsApp,Facebook Messenger, iMessage and many more.(See g-in-the-UK.html ). The word "instant" highlights one of the key advantages of IM, in contrast with other forms of communication such as SMS or email: it provides instant feedback. The experience is therefore much closer to that of a live conversation.

     However, this advantage is lost when users receive messages "off-screen", i.e. when they are not online, or not looking at their phone, or even when they are in the middle of a different IM conversation. Users will then go back and review these off-screen messages, which is akin to reading a transcript. Even with the use of timestamps, which indicate exactly when each message was received, the user doesn't get to experience the rhythm of the conversation.

     There is therefore a need for a feature that will provide a better experience for users to review their off-screen, or missed, messages. This would also be a very useful feature for Twitter feeds, live feeds on news websites, and more broadly any feeds where timing and rhythm are important factors (e.g. error logs). After a thorough search, no existing solution to this issue has been found.

     A pseudo-real-time message/feed playback feature will allow users to experience the rhythm of an IM conversation (or any feed) by simulating the time gap between each message, while maintaining a pace that keeps the user occupied and avoids unnecessary delay. Messages will pop up one after another, just as they would in an active conversation

or a live update, instead of appearing in a long, static list that the user needs to scroll through.

     When the user wishes to review a conversation, or a feed of unread items, the system will present 2 options: "View all" and "Playback". The 1st option will be equivalent to the current functionality we have today: all unread items will be displayed in a scrollable list for the user to review. The 2nd option will begin the playback.

     In the playback, the first unread item will be displayed immediately, and each subsequent item will be displayed after a "pseu...