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Functionality of web based advice for application's error/warning message Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240245D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-15
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The functionality of providing end-user with web based advice when warning/error message is met by end user.

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/warning message

warning message

Serviceability (or supportability) software features are a core part of modern enterprise software or enterprise systems. The Ability to identify exceptions or faults, debug or isolate faults is crucial in pursuit of solving a problem and restoring the product into service. Incorporating serviceability features into software typically results in more efficient product maintenance and reduces operational costs and maintains business continuity.

The key feature that facilitates serviceability is documentation given in multiple forms like Information Centers, technotes, articles, wiki pages, forum posts etc. The variety of sources makes difficult for end user to find appropriate information about problem, exception or fault that is currently experienced. This serviceability difficulty is addressed in this article by new functionality of web based advice for application's error/warning messages - the functionality of providing end-user with web based advice when

warning/error message is met by end user. When warning/error message is displayed user is provided with an option to read related articles from the internet. Said option can be provided in the additional button form or under any kind of shortcut or option in the application menu. Can be also automatically displayed as a part of the error message.

Related articles from the internet are found as a result of web search based on set of pre-generated tags or keywords.

Said keywords/tags can be implemented within the code as a part of displaying particular error/warning message or as part of exception handling. But can be also stored as external list which can be updated in the same manner as viruses definition in the computer protection software. Set of tags sent to web search is connected with error/warning message itself and can contain error id, error text, passed parameters or even the bitmap of error/warning window etc. Said set of tags can be also extended

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with the context tags - set of tags valid for the overall application or particular component like application name, version, operating system, execution content etc. Web search engine can be limited to only vendor's trusted pages i.e. technical bulletin or support pages.

The proposed method consists from following steps:

1. End user meets the warning/error message while using application

2. End user is provided with the option to look for the web based advice

3. A...