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Method and System for an Effective Problem Determination on SaaS Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240247D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-15
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Method and system for an effective problem determination on SaaS environment

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Method and System for an Effective Problem Determination on SaaS Environment

    SaaS (Software as a Service) is rapidly changing all the IT software landscape, both in terms of delivery model but also from an internal SaaS provider perspective in terms of providing support to customers. While in the past clients ran the software on their own "on-premise" IT environments, now the IT environment is hosted by the SaaS vendor. This opens new opportunities for an effective support but until now the approach to support is just following the guidelines already available for on-premise systems.

    The present article describes a new method and system to provide an effective support for clients running software on SaaS systems. In case of an issue, the current approach is to rely on common problem determination, gathering log files, traces and asking information to customer. But now, the customer environment is hosted by the SaaS vendor, the basic idea is to leverage this opportunity to create a shadow system that is identical the customer production one and proceed with the investigation on the mirror system without any impact on the production installation.

Here is the main use case addressed by the solution:

1 - A SaaS customer experiences an issue on his business application and contact the Service Provider support.

2 - The Service Provider support already has access to the hosted infrastructure and can access log files and all the information related to the software flow that caused the issue.

3 - The Service Provider support can decide depending on the issue (in case of a complex one or simply because further problem determination is needed) to rely on this solution to duplicate customer environment and continue the investigation on the mirror environment.

The advantages are :

1 - The mirror environment is identical to customer one in terms of back-end systems but also in terms of the flow (explained in the architecture below) that generated the problem.

2 - On this system the support can do everything t...