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Bags to Flavour Cigarettes

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240257D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-16
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Bags to Flavour Cigarettes

This disclosure relates to a series of accessories for optionally flavouring cigarettes.

Smoking articles that contain added flavours, such as menthol, are known.  It would be desirable to enable the user to choose what flavour their cigarette has without the need to buy several packs of flavoured cigarettes.


            The proposed solution is to incorporate flavour products into bags designed to receive at least one cigarette such that when cigarettes are sealed within the bag, the cigarettes will develop a desired flavour.  After a short period, the cigarette is then removed and used, delivering the desired flavour to the user.

            It is preferable that the bags include an effective sealing mechanism that allows them to be repeatedly opened and closed by the user without damaging the sealing mechanism or the bag.  An example of an appropriate sealing mechanism would be one similar to that employed by Ziploc bags.

            Once sealed, the bags should be substantially airtight.

            The bag may be made from any suitable material, for example: plastic, aluminium foil or any combination of these materials.  It is preferable that the material from which the bag is made is non-porous.

            The bag may comprise several distinct layers made out of the same or different materials.

            The flavour product can be replaceable when its effectiveness diminishes below an acceptable level, making the bags themselves reusable.  Alternatively, the bags can be discarded once the flavour product’s effectiveness diminishes below an acceptable level.

            The bag can contain more than one flavour product in the same or in multiple different compartments allowing the consumer to mix the flavours.

            The bag can contain enough flavour product to flavour between about 1 and 20 cigarettes.  Alternatively, bag may contain enough flavour product to flavour between about 1 and 40 cigarettes.

            The bag can be large enough to contain any number of cigarettes.  The size of a bag designed to receive one cigarette is about 105 mm by 20 mm by 10 mm.  This is also a suitable size to receive enough roll-your-own tobacco to make one cigarette.

            The flavour product may be produced in any appropriate way.  One possible composition and production method is given below:

Quantity (g)



Liquid flavor




Instantgum* (type of acacia gum)



Suitable liquid flavours are available f...