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Mobile Application Suite Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240284D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-21
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As the mobile application is becoming more and more popular these days, the usability of the mobile app is also becoming more and more important, this article describes a new methodology in the mobile app's loading and upgrading which can bring the user much better experience based on the limited mobile processor and mobile bandwidth. This disclosure is focusing on split the app into action's granularity, which can also make it in app load and upgrade phase, it also provides a new interaction mechanism which just download the app stub's and pre-evaluate the app in quick response instead of download all the app stuff and install it.

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Mobile Application Suite

Some applications have several editions. For example, they have trail Edition and Enterprise Edition.

In-app purchases. The application has the full functionalities. User should pay for the locked function.



For method 1, there is no flexible way to provide functions composition. For example, if this application has 3 valuable features (Feature A, B, C). Some users are eager Feature A, Some users are eager for Feature B, While some others are eager for the combination of these Features. Manufacturer can hardly provide a fully permutation and combination editions for users. That is if N features need to purchases, there would be


For method 2, the full edition application size is large. If user does not need other feature, the too large size application will occupy mobile storage, network download data.

For method 2, if one feature should be upgraded, the entire application should be upgraded.

For method 2, it is hard to extend the application. If one more feature is added, users have to download a new version of the application.

A potential problem, it is easy to crack the application if all feature packaged in the In-app purchases application.

Our invention provides a new way to organize the application publication. Includes one main application which is a platform for other components to plug-in; several functional pluggable modules for main application extend. Application stores provide individual download link for...