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Method for assembling sensors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240290D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-21
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Disclosed is a method of assembling sensors

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Downhole tools are designed to word in hard environments and usually they contain many sensors. The constraint with ever more demanding application is that with increasing pressure, temperature and mechanical shock, less and less sensors can survive. The more pressure and temperature increase the more complex the sensor and/or their signal conditioning are.

Disclosed is a method for packing sensors in a high pressure resistant casing able to prot3ect them against shock, vibration and high pressure. The packaging is non-magnetic, non-conductive and can be transparent or partially transparent, depending on the sensor requirement.

The packaging including a casing and electrical contacts to communicate with an electronic device. The packaging is ensuring the sensor physical protection in high temperature, high pressure and high shock environments. For example, temperatures up to 300 C, pressure up to 55 Ksi and in shock environment up to 3000G.

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