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A System or method to find convenient meeting place for a group in a city Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240297D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-21
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When a group of people are new to city and need to decide on which part of the city to gather, the current application shall suggest them a convenient meeting point that is equally distant, approachable to all, of interest to everyone in the group and also refining the optimal common meeting place periodically to reduce wait time.

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A System or method to find convenient meeting place for a group in a city
If one is aware of the city, there are many applications available that suggests the places like hotels, restaurants, gardens, places of worship etc to meet up in a specified area of a city when a group of people want to gather.

Here the problem is, when a group of people are new to city and are not aware of routes and map cannot really decide on which area of the city to gather, that is equally distant to everyone in the group, approachable to all, to the liking of all and reaching the point together.

Disclosed is a system or a method that suggests or finds a convenient meeting point in a city to a group of people when they want to gather . Also the application recalculates and refines the optimal common meeting point periodically so that all the users would reach the meeting place approximately same time .

The application shall show a list of categories of places to choose like hotels, restaurants, resorts, places of worship, gardens or any other recreation centers and finds & displays places to the user only under the selected category. It gets the type/category of place the group is interested in, gets the current location of people in the group, connects these points to get a irregular closed shape and its centroid and finally finds a location with in the chosen category which is approximately equally distant and approachable to all of them near to this central point. Initially a common meeting point would be decided based on their current location.

Based on initial plan, few users would have reached near to the meeting place, where as others could be far from the place. In that case, the users who reached meeting p...