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Technique to facilitate the File management and Search feature. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240298D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-21
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Embodiments relate to set of improvements to the File management system.File management system include the source details of file as its metadata and provid mechanism to make an advanced search of files on system using these source details. This also provide the feature of directing to the actual source of file using the source information stored in metadata of file. In a further embodiment, a unqiue ID will be associated to any file that will Link all the versions of same file present on the system using this uniqe ID.

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Technique to facilitate the File management and Search feature .

Today, computer users save more and more information via electronic files in computers. Many of these files arrive via email, or the Internet / intranet, messenger, portable drives, self created,. For example, email attachments and portals have become the method of choice when sending documents to other users. Often users must detach this information from email messages or portals and place it in the local file system to save space on mail servers. The default behavior is to attach or detach the document in the newly created file folder or the one that was last used for attaching or detaching documents or the most probe users choice of desktop. Once the file is saved on local machine it losses its link from the original source. i.e. user cannot identify from where did this file was saved by just looking at the file. Because of this it is very difficult for user to identify the relevance of any file especially if the file is too old or encrypted.

A. At times user wants to access the actual source from where user saved this file from. Example user wants to open the web link from where user downloaded the file or open the email which actually had this file as an attachment. But there is no shortcut to open the original source of attachment.

B. User creates and sends a file for review to many people and receives the response from everyone as modified version of same file. User saves all the versions on his system at same or different locations.

Now if user wants to refer to any of the received response file from a particular user then user either needs to remember the exact file on the system or go back to the source to look for the file. There is no facility in file management system to link the modified version with the original file and present it in the form of a list to the user along with source information.

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