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System, Method for Forecasting the Health of Legal Matter Proceeding Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240304D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-21
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This is for existing legal matter management system, currently there is a limitation where Attorney has no clue where the matter is proceeding in a standard electronic discovery process. This is to give insights and early signs to the attorney regarding matter proceeding based on the information coming to the legal matter management system. This helps attorney to identify the root cause and pro-actively take corrective measures like communicating with person either physically, email or through other means of communication.

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System, Method for Forecasting the Health of Legal Matter Proceeding

     In real world scenario many organizations need to encounter various litigations. Most of these Organizations relying on electronic based legal management solutions which help them in creating and managing legal matter/case. But for managing such legal matters/cases the process has to deal with large number of people distributed across different geos, involving various evidences like documents, interviews, legal notices and its corresponding reminders.

With this scenario it's very difficult for attorney or Legal team to get the insights of these ongoing legal matter/case based on the inflow of evidences and also to know the exact health of the legal matter/case where it is driving towards.

This is to provide a dashboard alert system, which analyzes the inflow of data to the electronic based legal matter management solution. Based on analysis for a particular matter, the system will understand the facts, generates trends and early warning signs related to health of a Legal matter/case. This will enable attorney or legal team to identify the root cause of problem and take corrective measures.

     The system will have legal matter and its corresponding evidence data as input. This system mainly consists of prediction engine and an alert management system. The prediction engine further consists of custodian Engine, Data Engine and prediction analyzer.

     Custodian engine and Data engine will have analyzers which analyze the data based on the defined algorithm and its output will be given as input to the prediction analyzer. Prediction analyzer will perform overall analysis and forecast the matter health based on the algorithm defined. This matter health is fed to alert management system and based on this output there will be color coding given to the matter health as green, yellow or red to indicate good, neutral or bad respectively.


The Basic architecture of this system involves 2 components namely prediction Engine and Alert management System

1. Prediction Engine: This further consists of 2 engines as follows

a. Custodian Engine: This will deal with performing predictions regarding number of custodians involved in legal matter and responded to a legal notice

b. Data Engine : This will deal with performing predictions based on interview Questionnaires answered and Documents collected

2. Alert management System : Based on the predictions made by prediction analyzer, the alert management system will generate alerts with specific color code notifying the attorney about where the legal matter is driving towards and enable him to identify the root cause where corrective actions need to take.

Following is the high level diagram of flow of activities performed in this legal management system


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Fig 1: High level architectural diagram

Fig 2: Prediction Engine internal architecture


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Prediction Methodology

     For predictions weighted points are assigned in c...