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Systems and methods to backup and restore critical catalog data of databases only Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240350D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-26

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Because size of databases become bigger and bigger in On-Line Analytical Processing scope, and most of these data can be reproducible, so performance of original 100% safe backup and restore solution that focus on user data can’t achieve current requirement. New method of backup and restore can distinguish user data belongs to applications and catalog data belongs to database servers, and can protect only these catalog data of that size is real smaller comparing with user data. Then it can realize real quick archive and recovery of databases that can endure losing of data.

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Systems and methods to backup and restore critical catalog data of databases only


Technologies used in your invention

- RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) database and transaction logs backup

- RDBMS database and transaction logs restore
- RDBMS disk storage structure

How to fix broken pages without backup now?

Broken databases
- Can not access some data or whole database
- Can not maintenance data object
- Data loss

- Regeneration
- Call vendor supports who handles the issue with internal tools that is very difficult and limited functional
- Restore is finial and the most valid solution always


What is the problem the invention tries to solve?

- How to backup TB level databases and restore critical catalog data quickly?
- Characteristic of Business Intelligence (BI) systems
• Huge amounts of data, TB level
• Data can be regenerated
• Data loss is acceptable

Key idea

What is the invention?


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- Systems and methods to backup and restore all or part of catalog information of a database without user level data.

Highlight the new or novel steps/parts?

- The backup process will by-pass user data and save catalog information into backup images only.

- The restore process can filter user data out from a traditional backup or read specific catalog information from a database backup that created

by this new disclosure directly.

Logical storage unit of a typical RDBMS


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Backup Image Contents of typical RDBMS


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Data types of a logical storage unit of a typical RDBMS


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Backup Image Contents produced by the new method


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Demonstrate that existing alternatives have noticeable disadvantages.

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