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Mobile & Social Status Integration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240357D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-26
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Proposed is a technique to view the realtime status of a user by leveraging integration of two powerful communication channels (social and mobile integration) This in terms would help in optimizing communication approach and reduce the cost on the caller.

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Mobile & Social Status Integration

Mobile phones and social channels are two of the key communication methods used today. With the increasing use of technology mobile adoption and social communication is growing up multi-fold everyday. While there are a lot of options available for communication, there is a need to optimize the usage of these communication channels.

Ex: when an user tries to call someone the user is presented with the contact no or an option to send a message. These are basically offline version of contacting the person. There is no way to find if the real time status of the person like, if the person is active in any of the social channels or if there is another way of contacting instead of calling directly. This also puts a cost burden on the caller/user. Instead, if the caller has a way to view the real time status in the contacts itself i.e. in FB/twitter/ any other social status available/away etc. It would also enable communication through one of the social channels instead of calling.

In addition, if the user can view the the social presence of the person in real-time, this could be used as a powerful communication tool.

Hence, it can be said that, With the mobile and social adoption increasing rapidly, a new solution is needed that can improve the user experience, understand the user activity or status before making calls and provide an alternate way of communication.

The technique proposed here is to integrate social status such as face...