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Software Solution Customer Adoption Scorecard Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240385D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-28
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Disclosed is a solution to help software companies measure the rate of customer adoption of new software. The core idea is the development of a four-tier model of metrics, represented in an Adoption Scorecard, which can provide an integrated view of the health of customer adoption.

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Software Solution Customer Adoption Scorecard

Customer adoption of a software solution is a key determinant of the success or failure of a solution implementation. The problem so far has been that there is no fact-based

way to measure customer adoption of a software solution. No scorecard, no model, nor any framework currently exists that can truly measure the adoption of software. The current approach is to use simplistic metrics such as number of users, or number of trained users.

This problem is endemic to all software companies. Companies struggle to understand the level of adoption and, no "adoption scorecard" exists that can measure in a quantitative way the health of customer adoption and point out areas of improvement.

The core idea is the development of a four-tier model of metrics that can provide an integrated view of the health of customer adoption of the solution. The four tiers of metrics build upon each layer underneath (this is key and unique) and can provide indications on the exact level of the problem. The four layers of metrics are:
Level 1 - System Usage Metrics
Level 2 - Data Quality Metrics (This is again a unique perspective that often is missing from any discussion on adoption challenges.)

Level 3 - Process Usage Metrics
Level 4 - Business Results Metrics

Figure 1: The Four-Tier Model

The model described above is generic and is applicable in many solution implementations. This provides an adoption scorecard that is applicable to a variety of software implementations. The structure of this scorecard is unique.

Figure 2: Sample Adoption Scorecard - Sourcing


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Figure 3: Sample Adoption Scorecard - Spend

Figure 4: Sample Adoption Scorecard - Contract Management


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To successfully implement the Customer Adoption Scorecard software solution, the following best practices are recommended.


• Strong, visible and clear executive sponsorship ensures the business importance and value proposition

• Continuity and consistency of support for the solution help confirm the direction and mitigate concerns about solution abandonment

Change Management

• Implement a properly planned and appropriately reso...