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Intelligent Notification System in social networking forums Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240391D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-28
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Disclosed is a method in the area of social networking forums that provides the capability for intelligent handling of notifications.

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Intelligent Notification System in social networking forums

Network-based (e.g., Internet-based) discussion environments, such as discussion forums, are becoming increasingly popular. To effectively participate in, manage, and synchronize discussions and information threads, users rely on features provided by the newsgroups, message boards, etc. Currently, a variety of filtering mechanisms provide effective usage/monitoring of discussion forums, including computer reputation-based message boards and forums (i.e. scoring), academic filters, sentiment-based content aggregation and presentation, automated moderation of discussion lists, and others.

Although these filtering mechanisms provide user with more relevant and useful

information, all these filters are being applied to the discussion forums only; the user still needs to log into these forum to take advantage of these filtering mechanisms. The user does not have control of the notification mechanism used by these discussion forums and still receives notification for all the posted contents, which might be more

information than the user wants. Additionally, some filtering mechanisms (e.g., filtering based on time, location, User Specialty and Role etc.) are not claimed in the current state of art and can be proven very useful in notification filtering mechanism. Finally, there is a need to have this filtering capability on the user device where the user can apply additional filtering and can use different filters for notifications from different discussion forums, or can use a single filter for incoming notifications from all discussion forums.

The proposed solution is in the area of filtering contents and notification in online discussion forums. The novel contribution is a method to maximize the likelihood that the user receives relevant and useful information. This includes a mechanism through

which a user can configure a set of conditions when posting a topic or subscribing for a

topic. These conditions include the semantic analysis of the post, location of the contributor, specialty and role of the contributor (can be fetched from his job profile, social profile etc.), user device limitations, time by which user wants to receive posts, etc. Once the topic is posted, the mechanism monitors one or more systems associated with each contributor (e.g., location, contributor specialty, etc.). When a condition is satisfied, the mechanism sends a notification to the user.

The core idea is to capture and use various parameters associated with the user and contributors to filter the responses to the user thread that allow the user to receive the most relevant and useful information, instead of receiving notifications for all the posts.

Conditions used by the mechanism:

• Semantic analysis of the post contents: filters the post if it contains less relevant information (e.g., posts that simply state, "I agree", "Me too", etc.)

• Location of the contributor: looks for the location...