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Configurable mask for web objects when taking screen capture

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240396D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-29
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Disclosed is to introduce an automatically and smart method that helps the users hide the sensitive information when they are taking the screen captures. Also, the configurable mask is flexible to be predefined by the users and easy to be adopted.

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Configurable mask for web objects when taking screen capture

    Screen captures are used in variety of systems and applications. For example, the writers often take the screen captures for writing the articles, people are used to share the screen capture to others while using mobile phone or other handheld Device. However, if they would like to mask some information on the images to hide or protect the sensitive information, they have to edit the images through Image and this wastes a lot of time. On the other hand, user may forget to edit the images to hide the sensitive information, and post the images to internet directly, in this case, some personal or sensitive info will be exposed inattentively. Hence, an automatically/smart mask method will be helpful to fix the pain points.

    The present invention provides a computer implemented method, and data processing system for hiding or mask of sensitive data within a captured screen area.

    An aspect of the present invention provides a computer software implemented module for recognition of sensitive application objects which need to be hidden in captured screens.

    In another aspect of the present invention, it analyzes content and mask any sensitive data within captured screen area based on predefined rules stored in a repository.

    The core idea disclosures are as follows: 1. Identify sensitive application objects within a captured screen area by using a predefined object module.

2. Identify sensitive data within a captu...