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Real-time data transformation for mobile devices in globalization perspective Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240397D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-29
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This disclosure describes a method to provide instant data transformation by sliding on other national language contents, in addition to translation, and invoking related information simultaneously. The invention is basically to let the users identify the string objects on the screen and then invoke a the related service to bring information to users, and these can be pre-defined by users or system. And the user preferred language, locale data and current GPS data are used as the transformation basis.

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Real-time data transformation for mobile devices in globalization perspective

    People nowadays spent more time on mobile devices because they made information more accessible and handy. Many companies have noticed this trend and provided more services applied to mobile platforms. Users browse through websites or apps worldwide to search for information they need. There are chances that users access websites or apps that are not globalized or only available in certain languages; however, users might not understand the national language (NL) contents on these websites or apps. Users have to spend extra time to make these NL contents understandable in their native language or cultural format (ex. switch to a dictonary app to look up for translation). With our invention, the transformation honors to the user setting in preference setting or the GPS location where the users locate.

    For instance, when a China user sees "100 USD" displayed on his mobile phone screen and wants to know how much that would be in RMB, he can simply slide his finger on "100 USD" to convert the currency into "625.662 RMB". This method also applies to other format support such as date, time format, numbers, etc. which can be defined in user preference in a system.

    Let's talk about another scenario that can benefit for mobile users. When users travel to another country, they may want to dial to his/her country of departure. However, since they are in another country, the international dialing p...