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Person Name Analysis using pattern matching techniques Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240407D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-29

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Person name is a valuable information, be it in structured, semi structured or unstructured data. Person names can be further used in interpreting the context and significance of any content. But, the multicultural and multilingual nature of the name data makes it difficult to be analyzable(infer any details from the name). The earlier implementations of person name analysis depend on dictionary of zillions of names which makes the product heavy on memory and speed, or make too many assumptions which result in inaccurate results. The current submission proposes a patterm based analysis of name data which can analyze a person name more accurately and in a memory efficient and faster way. The pattern based analysis infers metadata or properties of the person owning that name, the easiest may be the gender, but other non-obvious and more region specific attributes such as the religion as well.