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Method of translating images/text into user preferred language Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240412D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-29
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Software applications installation or usage on any other locale apart from user defined locale is always a challenge for the end user to understand and act on any kind of errors encountered.

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Method of translating images/text into user preferred language

Example: Situation 1:

User has a physical machine with no internet access and its locale is set to Spanish (for example which user does not understand) and is trying to install an IBM Rational software. The installation brings up the wizard text in Spanish and user by experience proceeds with the installation based on GUI options (e.g. next,ok,cancel etc). While installing the software, User encounters an error in Spanish.

What exists today?

Currently, if the error is in copy format a User has to copy the text and translate to preferred language on the internet . Then find a possible solution and then proceed with solving the error.

And if the error is an image/pop up window , it becomes tedious to write the same in editable format to a translator manually, later translate to the preferred language.

The bigger challenge arises where the machine has no access to internet. This will require a lot of manual effort to understand the error messages and get it to translate from a system with internet.

Situation 2:

User is working on an application/software which is on different locale than what he knows or understands. While working, User encounters an error.

The error is in machine locale, which User does not understand.

What exists today?

If the error is thrown by the application, then there possibly is an error code associated along with the error text. The end user has to look up in help manual for the...