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Technique to Indentify Resume Frauds Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240414D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-29
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Disclosed is a technique to identify resume frauds based on the frauds detected in the past. These identified resume fraud patterns can be used to flag a new resume either as genuine or fraud. Crawling through web, looking at social profiles, matching the previous fake patterns, updating the patterns as they evolve, are some of the key feature of this. Disclosure also suggests a new product/system across different organizations which may come together to share the patterns and build a robust pattern database.

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Technique to Indentify Resume Frauds

1 Motivation

    For a recruiter, identifying whether a resume is genuine, is very critical. Candidates often fake their information about education, experience, previous employers, etc. to get through resume screening process. Sometimes it is easier to identify a fake resume, but many times candidates prepare it so well that information on the resume looks very consistent. If such candidates are escaped through screening and clear interview rounds, then they can be caught only in background check. It leads to waste of time, efforts and money spent on interviews and background checks for those fake resumes.

2 Proposal

Disclosure proposes the identification of resume fraud patterns and apply those on the

new resumes so that we can flag frauds early in the recruitment cycle.

• A Resume Analyst (RA) system that analyzes historical data and intelligently suggests any new resume as fake or not.

• RA uses crawled website data of schools, universities, institutes and organizations to verify information about them mentioned in resumes. Technologies like IBM Watson can be used for processing crawled data.

• RA leverages social profiles of candidates to check if there is any inconsistency in the resume information.

• RA scans through the resumes from past hiring data of an organization and learn the

patterns of fake resumes, which were identified as fake by either manually screening

process or via background checks.


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