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Dome detector for spatial resolution and enhanced intensity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240432D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-29
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Disclosed is an apparatus with a dome detector to enable spatial resolution and enhanced intensity in semiconductors.

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Dome detector for spatial resolution and enhanced intensity

In semiconductor industry, maintaining film thickness and composition on three-dimensional (3D) structures is a challenge. No current methods offer a solution.

The novel contribution is an apparatus that can be incorporated into current Critical Dimension-Scanning Electron Microscope (CD-SEM) measurement. A key component is the dome x-ray detector, which enables spatial resolution and improves signal to noise ratio in x-ray collection.

An array of x-ray detectors is incorporated into a dome right about the target structure on the wafer surface. The size of the dome is designed according to the CD-SEM tool setup. The distance of the dome can also be adjusted to the CD-SEM tool special capacity. When the CD-SEM e-beam scans through the structure, the dome simultaneously captures x-rays excited by the e-beam. Intensity of interested elements are calculated per capture and plotted against dimensional measurement to provide chemistry information of the structure being measured.

Figure 1: Implementation

The dome detector comprises an array of x-ray detecting elements that capture multi-directional x-rays coming off the structure of interest. In addition, the dome detector:

 Uses broadband x-ray energy detection


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 Can be addressable (multiplexed)

 Increases signal intensity

 Provides spatial resolution

 Enables 3D reconstruction

Figure 2: Dome Detector

Figure 3: Apparatus

Figure 4:...