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Method of handling duplicate IP address change event through RTNETLINK Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240449D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-30
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Disclosed is a method which can handle frequent duplicate IP address change events generated via RTNETLINK

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Method of handling duplicate IP address change event through RTNETLINK
In a distributed network system - where every entity/element is interested in IP address change events for doing different set of operations, scenarios like the following could considerably add to the system load and result in an overall degraded performance of the entire system Scenario 1: IPv6 network with IPv6 auto configuration enabled
Scenario 2: IPv4 network catered by DHCP and having a small lease renewal interval due to the nature of the application.

In both of the above scenarios, there is a high probability of receiving multiple RTNETLINK events for the same IP which is already configured. Due to this, every process/application that has subscribed for the IP address change event will receive frequent and redundant notifications resulting in processing action associated with the event, though there was no change in the IP address. This additional overhead of processing the events for duplicate IP change will add unnecessary load to the system.

The core idea is to suppress the IP address change event notification when a duplicate IP is detected via RTNETLINK. This solution will ensure only the genuine IP change events are notified to the interested elements, thereby enhancing the overall performance of the distributed system

The proposed novel solution is based on an application daemon to handle duplicate RTNETLINK events as follows - Cache all the IP address and its associated inte...