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Method and system of intelligent combined online order of commodities based on delivery address of customers

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Publication Date: 2015-Feb-02
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This describes a system that can help customers on trading platform to intelligently combine orders with others who used the similar delivery address

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Method and system of intelligent combined online order of commodities based on delivery address of customers

Transactions of online marketing system normally requires trading fee or transportation expenses for each order. In the meantime, lots of online orders didn't come to the limit of those expenses. For instance, a customer needs to buy commodities in total 1 kilogram(kg) but may be charged for full expense for 10 kg only because the system has a minimum consumption on its transportation expense, which is 10 kg in this case.

Another aspect to limitations of these systems is that some customers who may not know each other live very near. And the tiny time differences of their orders could cause unnecessary delay of delivery. It can also cause redundancies and wasting human resources for delivering commodities to the same place.

Now there are attempts to mitigate this through users social network connections, but these are limited in that they may not phsically live near by.

For example, in prior art WO2014153977A1 listed below, the system starts with receving a collaborative order request of commodity information sent by a user. And then it will try obtaining related users and send invitations to them. Those realted users are who may have links in some level with the original user, such as they are listed in same address book of an electronic communication medium or they connected to each other in social network. And according the response of those users, a combined order will be generated and sent to the trading platform. However, this system didn't check the delivery address of each other so the combined order may be helpful on getting discount of certain commodities but it can not help on maximum utilizing the weigh limit of transportation because the content of those collaborative order is limited by the first user who initialized this order.

Similar problem also exists in prior art US7716086B2 listed below. This system allows user to manually invite other users to generate a combined order in online trading system. The advantange of this system is that whoever being invited can also invite other users they can find. The problem is in this way the user may not know who can be invited in the first place, furthemore since the commodity is limited by

the first order and it can't guarantee all users live in similar address either so the combined order can not help on reduing delivery fee.



WO201415397 7A1







2014-10-12 This system creates collaborative orders based on users who have social connections. Our disclosure imporves on this as we use different approach to create shared orders in a way much more accurate.

SYSTEM, PLATFORM AND METHOD US2015001237 2015-01-08 This system deals with the process of online orders. It manages to organize all


Details. .


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