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A Roadmap for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Specification Documents (RFC7414)

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Original Publication Date: 2015-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2015-Feb-04

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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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M. Duke: AUTHOR [+5]


A correct and efficient implementation of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is a critical part of the software of most Internet hosts. As TCP has evolved over the years, many distinct documents have become part of the accepted standard for TCP. At the same time, a large number of experimental modifications to TCP have also been published in the RFC series, along with informational notes, case studies, and other advice.

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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                           M. Duke Request for Comments: 7414                                            F5 Obsoletes: 4614                                                R. Braden Category: Informational                                              ISI ISSN: 2070-1721                                                  W. Eddy                                                              MTI Systems                                                               E. Blanton                                                       Interrupt Sciences                                                            A. Zimmermann                                                             NetApp, Inc.                                                            February 2015

            A Roadmap for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)                         Specification Documents


   This document contains a roadmap to the Request for Comments (RFC)    documents relating to the Internet's Transmission Control Protocol    (TCP).  This roadmap provides a brief summary of the documents    defining TCP and various TCP extensions that have accumulated in the    RFC series.  This serves as a guide and quick reference for both TCP    implementers and other parties who desire information contained in    the TCP-related RFCs.

   This document obsoletes RFC 4614.

Status of This Memo

   This document is not an Internet Standards Track specification; it is    published for informational purposes.

   This document is a product of the Internet Engineering Task Force    (IETF).  It represents the consensus of the IETF community.  It has    received public review and has been approved for publication by the    Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG).  Not all documents    approved by the IESG are a candidate for any level of Internet    Standard; see Section 2 of RFC 5741.

   Information about the current status of this document, any errata,    and how to provide feedback on it may be obtained at    http://www.rfc-editor.org/info/rfc7414.

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 RFC 7414                       TCP Roadmap                 February 2015

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