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Method for Controlling a Latching Refuel Valve and Locking Fuel Door to Support Factory Refueling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240498D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-03
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Method for Controlling a Latching Refuel Valve and Locking Fuel Door to Support Factory Refueling

Non-Integrated Refuel Canister Only Systems (NIRCOS) require a ventilation path from the fuel tank to fresh air to allow for refueling. If no path exists, pressure builds in the fuel tank causing a pump shutoff on a typical fuel pump or fuel spit back on a fuel pump without shutoff (such as the pump at the assembly plant). NIRCOS equipped vehicles create this path by opening a latching refuel valve between the fuel tank and the carbon canister. In an assembly plant where 12V battery power is not delivered to the vehicle or the control module is otherwise unavailable (being programmed), the control system may not be available to switch the refuel valve to the desired open position.

A method is proposed under which the assembly plant conditions are inferred, the refuel valve is held in the open position, and a control system leaves the valve in its current state until after an assembly plant fuel fill event is inferred. This always-open control method is unique to the factory use case as it opposes the regulatory requirement that under normal vehicle usage, outside of the assembly plant, the fuel system must be sealed (valve must be closed) unless the customer is refueling.


The initial condition for the fuel system requires that the refuel valve be installed on new vehicles in the open position. The control module assumes the assembly plant condition upon a reset of its non-volatile memory. Under this condition, the control system will perform the control method shown in Figure 1 to support the assembly plant fuel fill.

Control Module Initialization

Refuel Status = Plant?


Perform Refuel Plant Mode Controls

 Vehicle Speed Above Threshold?


Refuel Status = Plant



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