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A Method and System for Wrapping a Label Flag on a Direct Attach Cable Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240503D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-04
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A method and system is disclosed for wrapping a label flag on a Direct Attach Cable (DAC).

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A Method and System for Wrapping a Label Flag on a Direct Attach Cable

Generally, long label flags protrude from Direct Attach Cables (DACs) which obstructs the airflow in a system. The label flags are also crowded at the faceplate. Due to obstruction, there can be overheating of the system which can limit the lifetime or reliability of the system. This can also impact air conditioning costs if the ambient air needs to be cooler to overcome the excessive heating. The protruding label flag can be replaced with a smaller label stuck around the cable circumference. However, the amount of information that can be presented effectively on the smaller label is significantly reduced and readability is also affected. A user is required to twist the cable to read the label flag and maneuvering the

cable may not be possible once the cable is installed. If small labels are used, several labels flags need to be added to the cable to cover more information. Since most cables are not retrofittable, the existing DAC transceivers need to be removed or replaced in order to replace the label flag with the smaller labels. The replacement can impact potential end-customers.

Disclosed is a method and system for wrapping a label flag on a Direct Attach Cables (DAC). The method and system uses a clip to hold a wrapped label flag and ensures that the label flag stays wrapped in place to maintain a low geometric profile. The clip can be easily installed and removed so that the label flag is still accessible. The clip allows airflow obstruction to be minimized at the faceplate. Alternativel...