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Method of simplified meeting conflict resolution during acceptance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240553D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-09
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Disclosed is a method for a user to resolve meeting conflicts, in an electronic mailing system/software, between an incoming invite and the previously accepted meetings.

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Method of simplified meeting conflict resolution during acceptance

When working on an electronic mailing system there are several instances where a user receives conflicting meeting invites. Currently there is no method to resolve the conflict while accepting the meeting invite and auto updating the conflicting meeting with comments. Due to this the user is forced to manually accept the incoming meeting thereby creating conflicts and then check what the conflicting meeting is and decline/update them accordingly.

The objective is to resolve meeting conflicts during acceptance of an incoming meeting. When an incoming meeting request, which is conflicting, is being accepted by an end user, a message pops up displaying the existing meeting which conflicts and provides a mechanism to action on the incoming meeting along with updating the existing meeting with comments there by resolving conflicts.

In order to reduce the effort of managing meeting conflicts and avoids manual steps on first checking the meetings that conflicts and then updating them.

The proposed system works in the context of a new invite and the workflow is as follows:

Fig 1: An incoming meeting request is being accepted and there is conflict detected

When the end user accepts the incoming meeting by clicking on "Accept" the conflict is resolved by auto declining the previously accepting meeting with a dynamic note sent to the meeting chair or attendees (if the end user is the chair) . The comment wo...