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A method and system of information composing according to user’s profile

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240595D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-11
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This article presents a method and system of displaying information based on profile. For information user may be interested in, it'll be displayed as usual, for information user may not be interested, it'll be displayed differently(such as part of the information is hiden.

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A method and system of information composing according to user's profile

Social application is more and more popular and take a important role in our daily life, some times, we have got not enough time and patient to browse all the messages in the social application, sometime we are only focus on those we are interested, some times we may waste two much time to find those we are interested, this article provide a method to display the information in a more effective way, as well as improve the user experience, and may bring more business value to the content provider.

The main idea for this patent is providing method to re-organize the information based on user interest, it will do a lot of study of user behavior like reply someone's topic, stay many time on some kind of topic etc, there are lots of mature method for us to leverage to collect user's interest, and based on those data, we display the information differently, make a distinction for all the messages, and give user a more effective way to browse what they would like to browse.

Claims include:

A more friendly, effective and smart way to re-organize social communication information based on user's interest profile.

A smart system which could study and improve it's understanding of user habit and interest from time to time.


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In figure 1, when user uses the application, the system will collect user's preference/interest.


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In figure 2, in the l...