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A System for Providing Price and Connection Attributes to Enhance the Wi-Fi Connection Experience

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240609D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-12
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Disclosed are enhancements to the Wi-Fi specification to provide additional information such as pricing and connection speed in order to provide a better user connectivity experience.

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A System for Providing Price and Connection Attributes to Enhance the Wi -Fi Connection Experience

Today Wi-Fi information presented in, Service Set Identifier (SSID) availability, network strength, and password lock. However, a number of other pieces of information offer a Wi-Fi user help when choosing which connection to use, such as connection speed or the price of services. An individual must connect to a connection first, and then pricing information is displayed via a returned Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) page. To determine speed, a user must again first establish a connection and then run a speed test to determine the speed of the connected connection. This problem is only exacerbated with a growing number of Wi-Fi hotspots causing a user to connect to each before making a choice as to which provider to use.

Current system allow the user to see existing Wi-Fi networks, the name of the networks, and whether it is an open or secured network:

Figure 1: Current view of Wi-Fi information

This invention modifies the existing Wi-Fi connection process to include information such as speed and pricing. The invention is a system that adds pricing and effective speed to the 802.11 a,b,g,n protocols and provides a local connectivity client, which intelligently selects a connection based on a given set of criteria.

This invention provides the user with the ability to initially learn, prior to selection, the


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two most critical factors in the decision process when using a Wii connection: price and speed. Today, this information is not available until after the connection is made and has to be delivered to the potential customer via another interface (e.g., web browser), which adds to the customer pain of making a decision. In addition, it enables a s...