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Method to increase digital content sales Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240613D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-12
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Disclosed a method whereby a captive audience of either auditory or visual content is given an opportunity to purchase the media to which users have recently been exposed.

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Method to increase digital content sales

Entertainment media is becoming increasingly mobile and readily available in digital format. As it is monetized via this digital format, a method is needed to increase digital content sales. Further classical sales of entertainment media is quickly shrinking. Fewer people purchase media and increasingly people use streaming services for most of their entertainment media. Appealing to new areas of the human

experience during media purchase is key. Turning the purchase into a more emotional response is key to maintaining sales and reinventing sales channels.

This method comprises the following steps :

    - Elicit an emotional experience via media exposure during a secondary experience

    - Engage customer via emotional experience with limited offer to gain access to emotional trigger

- Close sale via a purchase authorization code at time of sale
- Deliver media via digital medium access through authorization code

Users are exposed to different types of media throughout the day. This can be music heard while shopping, videos seen while travelling, for example. In such instances, a user might hear or see a new piece of media, or remember media that

was once forgotten. In both cases, during the experience, the media may resonate

with the user, or a grouping of media may resonate / elicit a positive emotion. This opens an opportunity to match customers with media bundles at the end of said experience.

The novel contribution is a metho...