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System level information cart

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240621D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-13
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Discolosed is a method to collect all kinds of information from different media for easy future retrieving.

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System level information cart


When people are browsing on the internet, reading emails, chatting with friends, very often they will find information they are interested in and want to keep them for future use. The information could be text, graphics, audio, video and etc.

For example, if you need to write a report, you need to collect information beforehand. The information might come from your email, chat history, or some web pages. Then when you writing the report, you have to go back to different places to fetch the information you collected. Imagine what you need to do? You will need to open your email and look for the specific mail in thousand of mails, open your IM chat history and search for the exact history, and open your browser and go to the URLs you collected, then read again to pick the paragraphs you needed. All of these would make your report writing a frustrating experience.

So the problem is that there's not a common place for them to keep all the stuff and retrieve easily.

Known solution and their drawbacks

Clipboard - The drawback of clipboard is that it can only holds limited text temporarily.

Bookmark - The drawback is that you can only bookmark the whole webpage. But most of the time, people might only be interested in some

fragments the page.

User created document/folder to keep their stuff - The document could only holds text and links. But the user need to always remember

to open that document when he/she is browsing things. Not many people would like to do that; The folder can holds all kinds of stuff, however, you will need to specfy download the stuff you need first. Still not convenient and efficient.

Core idea

This invention would provide a syste...