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a new method and apparatus of unify debug/dev process inside browser for cloud development Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240624D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-13
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Cloud is becoming more and more popular these days, and the cloud environment is also playing an important role in our daily development, especially for the devbox. but current solution is mainly focus on to build a similar devbox the same with the real cloud environment, but this is bad in performance, and furthermore, this solution does not have an unify IDE method for developers, which cause a lot of configuration in setup the dev environment. This disclosure describe a new way to solve these problem, which can have much better performance using the browser's HTML5 capability in order to make a simulated service, data etc... inside browser, and also unify the IDE in browser which can bring the developer much better convenience.

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a new method and apparatus of unify debug

a new method and apparatus of unify debug/

As cloud is becoming more and more popular these days, our development process will definitely be changed according to cloud infrastructure platform. For the cloud dev, especially for web2.0 development in cloud environment, the traditional way is to have a local devbox environment for cloud dev, but this way have several drawbacks e.g. resource consuming, performance and etc..., so how to make a good approach in supporting web2.0 application development on cloud dev environment is really important for us.

Below are some well known issues:
1. different developer have different local dev tools & environment, always have compatibility issues.
2. for local cloud devbox, it's hard to provision big service locally.

Currently there are several commonly used ways:
1. try to unify local IDE and its plugins, and setup local dev env one by one for each machine.
2. use similar local service to simulate the cloud one.

However, all of them have obvious shortages and doesn't well address the challenge:
1. hard to make everyone following the same way, and cost effort to solve all the compatibility issues.

2. occupy too much local CPU & Memory resources, and issue always happens on the switch between local env and cloud env .

This disclosure provides a new methodology for web UI development in cloud web IDE, it describes a different approach in handling developers' dev process inside cloud web IDE,...