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Tailored Gas Station Advertising Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240640D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-13
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Method for targeted marketing focusing on consumer psychographics based on vehicle type/condition at gas stations

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Tailored Gas Station Advertising

Section 1.1: Field of invention, Problem Description and Executive Summary

Our invention provides a means of targeted marketing focusing on consumer psychographics based on vehicle type/condition at gas stations while filling their tanks.

Gas stations and convenience stores are continually seeking opportunities to increase their competitive edge. Most implement rewards programs to gather data on customer buying habits and tailor advertisements from that perspective. Additionally stores use display monitors built in or attached to pumps to display goods or services they are offering in an attempt to entice the consumer inside. The problem with this approach is these advertisements do not immediately capture the consumers' interest since the ads primarily focus on items that provide no real benefit
(i.e. most ads center on grocery items or heat lamp to-go meals) or are limited to items that apply to a the broad audience.

Executive Summary of Invention

Utilize camera based technologies strategically placed around individual gas station pump areas to capture real-time images of the consumer's vehicle, analyze these images, and offer more personalized, real-time advertisements based on type, condition, or contents within the vehicle as captured by these images.

Section 1.2: Disadvantages of existing solutions

Current methods employ other means of marketing (e.g. based on demographics, spending habits, etc), nothing targeted at other attributes such as personality, lifestyle, interests, etc (psychographics). Our invention uses the person's vehicle to begin basing these decisions.

Section 1.3: Prior Art

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Searched on "targeted marketing"

WO1999022328 A1 - System and method of targeted marketing

 A system and method of targeted marketing to consumers, including businesses and associates, based upon the financial characteristics of the consumer, type offer being made and the channel of communication for delivery of the offer

Above search found reference to

US5592560 A - Method and system for building a database and performing marketing based upon

prior shopping history.

The present invention includes a system for performing retail targeted marketing on customers.

Both of these above patents are based on direct input from the customer versus our disclosure which is

based on observing the customer without direct input, type of car driven, physical condition of the car,

baby seat in car, stickers on the car, etc.

Searched on "direct marketing without input"

CA2590237 A1 - Automated direct marketing system

 input device for automatically inputting into a computer-accessible storage medium the client data without any human intervention between input of the client data, product data, and a decision criteria for determining the select data for each client;


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 A method...