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an inteligent displayer can recognize and change the displayed image Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240642D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-15
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an intelligent displayer can recognize and change the displayed image in hardware level. When this displayer is used, it can recognize the information of showing image. Choose transfer useful data back, all softwares on background can use this outcome. Or changed the showed -sensitive image to insensitive image to avoid impact children. It 's separated from software, that means any system and machine can use its fuction.

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an inteligent displayer can recognize and change the displayed image

Nowadays, more and more intelligent devices are used by people. But that's not enough.

If a QR code is showed in a mobile phone, it can't scan them directly. Need save it first, then scan it to get the QR code information. If an inteligent displayer can recognize the QR code when showing, then transfer it to softwares, it will be convenient.

Not only QR code, the text and sensitive image can also be recognized by this intelligent displayer. Then the user can do further operation for them.

The recognition is from hardware level, so every software of backside can use its outcome.

If a child look at sensitive image with mobile phone or computer, the hardware can hide the sensitive image or change it to insensitive.

When a displayer display a image, it can copy the image information to a "Data Processing" module to recognize the information of showed image. Then transfer the recognized information to background(mobile phone, computer) to do next operation for softwares. Or changed the showed sensitive image to insensitive image.

The intelligent displayer can be used to fix above problems. These are the detailed design following:

Get the displayed image information and recognize the useful data. All softwares on background can use those useful data to do further operation. And can also change the displayed image if necessary.

Mobile phone is showing a image. The image data is output to displayer level. The displayer shows the image. At the same time, displayer also copy the image data to "Data Processing" module...