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Method and system for pasting additional page or page sections in a document. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240655D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-16
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A program is disclosed by which user can unfold to view the content at different security level. User can select multi successive security levels in folded pages.

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Method and system for pasting additional page or page sections in a document .

In electronic device, we can turn pages. The turning of page has almost physical page turn appearance. There is an opportunity to increase more physical appearance in document, like pasting paper or page in a document . In many physical books, magazine we can find some additional pages, user can to unfold the additional page to read the contents.

Described herein is a method and system by which :

1. In any document or page, user can paste one or more page or page sections , the pasted pages can be folded by the user and then the same can be unfolded .

2. While reading the page user can turn or unfold the pasted page sections , and accordingly can read the contents written in the additional page section .

3. User can lock the pasted page section so that unauthorized user can't turn or unfold the pasted page; authorized user can unlock the page section with finger gesture and so confidential or personal information can be written in the pasted page. This locking can optionally be multi-level with each level represented as successive folds.

4. At any point of time, user can paste additional page section in the document .

Folding/unfolding embedded objects in a document is known art as is sanitizing documents (hiding portions of a document depending on security clearance ).

However, let's say we have four successive security levels: public, classified, secret, and top secret. Then each fold can expose the areas each level are allowed to see .

Public -- only see the unfolded contents.

Classified -- first unfolding is the public contents switched to the inside left fold and classified contents visible in the right fold
Secret -- second unfolding is all that is visible to the classified viewer plus new content available to secret viewer
Top secret -- third unfolding keeps secret content and reveals new top secret content

The following diagram (Figure 1) depicts one page section pasted on a document page. Perhaps a user has written some confidential contents. Currently user can view the front side of the pasted page. In this case if user wants to read the content written in the pasted section then user has to unlock the page with finger ge...