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Ability to view presentation or recording video in multiple, alternate resolutions before or during recording session Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240658D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-16
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Ability to view presentation or recording video in multiple, alternate resolutions before or during recording session

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Ability to view presentation or recording video in multiple , ,

or during recording session

One of the most commonly used forms of communications between people has become videos. Videos allow people see as well as hear information that can stopped, replayed, and advanced infinite times. Now, a common method of learning some type of lesson or skill can be transferred via free or paid internet web sites which host videos or tutorials.

One problem with these published videos is that the authors of these videos have to make assumptions as to the end-play resolution of the viewer. What this means is that editors of videos have to guess as to how a video playback will be seen by various users . And often well made videos, in terms of content, are visually substandard because the resolution of the recording was made in an inappropriate resolution for the general audience.

What is discussed is a method for an author of a recording or a static presentation to see their live action recording or static presentations in multiple resolutions , as they are being edited, so the author can determine how the video or presentation will look like in a range of target video resolutions .

With these multiple, alternative viewpoints, the creator of the recording or presentation can visualize if their source resolution is sufficient to be viewable by their multiple , target audience.

The capability of this recording software is not the ability of having a preview window . This type of function already exists, with screen preview functions within web meeting programs as an example . When one is projecting their desktop or selected programs from their desktop into a web / video conference, many conferencing programs offer a tiny window where they broadcaster can see the receiver's viewpoint.

The main idea of this recording software solution would be to provide N - multiple viewpoints - each of varying resolutions that can be seen by the broadcaster showing what multiple , different viewers might see.

The capabilities of such a recording program would allow for an option that lets users select target displays or screens. The program will provide standard industry displays or suggest that generic type displays. For example, the
menu might look like:


alternate r...