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WI: Method to manage your social media brand Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240661D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-16
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Disclosed is a method to manage a user's social media brand by recommending actions that a user can take to emphasize/de-emphasize their contributions across all the social media platforms that they participate in.

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WI: Method to manage your social media brand

Users contribute a vast amount of information to social and mobile platforms. An analysis of the content they author contributes to the user's personal social media brand. Disclosed is a method to manage a user's social media brand. The tool gathers a user's social activity over time and classifies the user's activity in various categories. The tool then provides recommended actions for the user to help change their brand to reflect areas that they want to emphasize or de-emphasize.

Steps to determine personal social brand.

1) Gather information about the user and the social media platforms that they use. Search the web for all content authored by the user over a specified time period.

2) Analyze the gathered content and put them into categories based on the subject matter of the authored content.

3) In each of the categories, assign a classification to the user based on the level of activity of the user's authored content.

Once the information about the user social brand is determined, the tool recommends actions that can be taken by the user to emphasize or de-emphasize a particular category so that they can reshape their personal brand. Recommendation is based on comparison of the user's activity to the activity of other leaders in the particular category.

Figure 1: Recommendation Module