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Securely lock a laptop to a plug socket. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240670D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-17
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Securely lock a laptop in a public place by safely locking to an electricity socket.

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Securely lock a laptop to a plug socket.

When using your laptop in a public place, e.g., a cafe, there are times where you may need to leave your table for a short time, e.g., to buy a drink.

Leaving your laptop on the table unsecured may result in it being stolen.

Current solutions:
a) Take the laptop with you. This is inconvenient and not possible if you need to carry other items (drinks, food etc.)

b) Lock your laptop with a locking harness. There is not always a secure fixing point to lock this to, simply looping it around a table leg is not secure.

The problem with this is that you need to carry an additional item and it won't work on all surfaces.

Our idea is to use the power supply cable and plug as a security lock. Using a lockable plug and a re-enforced power cable you can secure your device in any area where you are using power.

The benefits over other solutions are that you can leave your laptop unattended and not have to carry it with you.

You do not have to carry any other items beyond your power supply which you would likely have with you.

It only needs a plug socket for security and no other fixing points or particular table type.

a) The plug on the end of the power supply is locked into a normal plug socket. See Patent GB2487080. With added key instead of rotatable disk.

b) The power cable is re-enforced along it's length (fixed through the power brick).

c) The cable splits for the last 30cm to provide a normal power connector and a Kensington loc...