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Optimization of advert injection into a user's viewing experience

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240671D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-17
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This article describes a mechanism for presenting adverts to a user while the user is detected to be distracted, so that when they are no longer distracted they will view the advert.

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Optimization of advert injection into a user's viewing experience

Many websites and apps are funded by adverts. In many cases these adverts are permanently visible, either around, or mixed with, the content that the user is actually trying to view, or on pop-ups which appear over that content. This approach can often be a distraction from the content itself, which causes user frustration.

    Alternative approaches, that are often used, are to delay the presentation of the content and instead display an advert, or to interrupt the content periodically to display an advert. These can also cause user frustration.

    Disclosed is an alternative mechanism for deciding when to present an advert to a user viewing content on a website or app. Sensors in the computer, laptop or smart-phone could be used to detect when the user has been distracted from the content. When a distraction has been detected, an advert could be displayed to the user. As the user is already distracted, this is likely to be less annoying and disruptive than the techniques described above.

    This mechanism is detailed as follows:
1) User views, for example, a news website
2) User gets distracted, and this distraction is registered by the device that they are viewing the website on. For example:

    If the distraction was a phone call on the user's smart phone then the smart phone could log the distraction
If the distraction was an instant message (IM) coming in, then the device would be able to log the IM window...