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Fabrication of Multiple Hard and Sharp Points for Simultaneous Indentation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240676D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-17
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Disclosed is a method to fabricate a material to initiate cracking in stressed glass. This provides a means of shattering a computer chip that is attached to said glass in order to protect the data it holds.

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Fabrication of Multiple Hard and Sharp Points for Simultaneous Indentation

In many cases, the economic value of the data stored on a computer is much greater than the actual computer chip. In the event that a system is compromised, one protective tactic is to destroy the hardware rather than compromise the data . One way to accomplish this is to shatter the chip into pieces so small that reverse engineering is impractical.

The leading ideas for how to accomplish this involve bonding the chip to stressed glass , but no demonstrated method describes how to initiate cracking in the glass . Crack initiating is accomplished with pressure and there are limits to how much force is available, which means an indenter should be as sharp and hard as possible . The sharper and harder the indenter, the less force is needed to initiate cracking.

The novel contribution is a material that can be fabricated and then used to initiate cracking in the stressed glass. A single crystal silicon wafer is used as a mold for forming sharp indentation tips. Using Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) followed by etching (e.g., KOH), molds are made with tip radii of less than 10 nm. The mold can then be filled with a hard material such as Tungsten (W), Silicon Nitrogen (Si3N4), Titanium Nitride (TiN), Silicon Carbon (SiC), and Carbon (C). The material has an overburden remaining, which acts as a support for each of the tips. The Silicon can then be dissolved and the tips used as crack initiators. The...