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Anchor for Multireference in Hyperlinks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240692D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-18
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A method to define and implement multiple links anchors for hyper-text documents to support the scenario where the same group of words in a document can match multiple concepts referenced in a repository of documents and resources.

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Anchor for Multireference in Hyperlinks

    In a Content Management System, documents are enriched by inserting hyperlinks that can allow the user to navigate from the page that is actually being read towards referenced informative pages giving the reader a more complete understanding of the matter contained in the original page.

    Example of content with hyperlinks in blue:

 To derive a more detailed model it's necessary to take into account of quantum mechanics prediction for the possible state of electrons and for statistical mechanics regarding the energy distribution of particles, like in the so called model of Sommerfeld that is:

    On the Html code of the page containing the content above hyperlinks is usually coded by two parts: the anchor that usually is the words of the set of words that reference should add details and the reference that is a an URL address where all details are stored.

    Here follows an example html code of the content illustrated above: [...

<p> To derive a more detailed model it's necessary to take into account of<ahref ="/articleArchive/Quantum_Mechanics"title="Quantum mechanics">quantum mechanics</a> prediction of possible states of <ahref ="/articleArchive/Electrons"title="Electrons"class="mw-redirect">electrons </a> and for <ahref="/articleArchive/Statistical_mechanics"title ="Statistical Mechanics">Statistical mechanics</a> regarding the energy distribution of particles, like in the so called <ahref ="/articleArchive/Sommerfeld's model"title="Sommerfeld model">Model of Sommerfeld</a>. that is:</p>


There might be cases where:
a) multiple reference have the same anchor
b) anchor of multiple references are formed by set of words that have

not null intersections each other.

    On both cases the writer of the document is currently forced to abandon some of the hyperlinks or needs to try to re-elaborate his test. The method proposed here provides to the reader a menu with the entire set of possible choices, constituted by couples: exact anchor words , meaningful description.


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    The user by clicking the desired choice is linked to related reference choosing among a different group of navigation routes. Back compatibility should be assured and thus the invention should assure that normal browser do not result in error. In this sense a change in html directives is needed to indicate this is a case for multiple links. The proposed suggestion is the introduction of a special keyword to signal a new html language tag