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Method to Enhance Predictive Keyboards Via On-Screen Content Detection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240712D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-19
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Disclosed is a method to enhance predictive keyboards via on-screen content detection.

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Method to Enhance Predictive Keyboards Via On -

-Screen Content Detection

Screen Content Detection

This disclosure enhances predictive keyboard suggestions through an algorithm that detects on-screen content, determines keywords, and suggests the keywords if the user begins typing. For example, if the user is reading an article and wants more information on a certain subject (keyword), i.e., a person or specific object, the algorithm automatically identifies keywords in the article and inputs the keyword into the predictive keyboard dictionary. When the user goes to type the keyword, for example, into a search engine, the keyword is automatically suggested. Automatically entering on-screen keywords into the dictionary will save the user time and effort, especially in instances where the keyword is uncommon. The flowchart shown in the figure below describes the algorithm: