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Cleaning Ink Channel Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240720D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-20
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Cleaning Ink Channel

Authors: Dilan Fernando and Casey Walker

Date: February 17, 2015

Certain Inks used in certain inkjet printers/applications tend to dry up fast on the printhead nozzle plate, if the printheads are not jetted frequently. Even if the printheads are capped, there is a potential for the jets to clog and cause severe print quality defects. If the jet outs are wide spread, then the offending printheads need to be recovered by manually pushing cleaning ink into each printhead and allowing the printheads to soak for a day or more before normal printing can resume.

For a print system that has multiple printheads for a given color, the manual filling of printheads with cleaning ink is a laborious task. If majority of the printheads for a given color are affected, then an alternative would be to install a cleaning ink cartridge in the said color channel and push all the regular color ink out and replace the channel with cleaning ink. For systems that have bulk ink delivery systems, there could be liters of ink in the channel that will have to be pushed out and wasted.

Furthermore, the above procedures are normally done after the fact that the printheads have presented the problem of drying up, therefore the printheads should be allowed to soak over several hours or days before they can be recovered.

Disclosed are an apparatus and method of use comprising a dedicated channel from a bulk ink delivery system, to provide an additional line of cleaning ink to each color channel, and to tie in at the filter (just before the subtank). Also disclosed is a three way solenoid that wou...