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Intelligent user guide to create inbound mail filter

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240737D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-24
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Automated filter handling based on user activities including meaningful excerpt of the moved content.

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Intelligent user guide to create inbound mail filter

Many users get a lot of mails each day. Reading all of them is very time consuming and even doing a skim reading takes quite a lot of time. The idea is to provide a meaningful sorting and excerpt of messages including a weighting of the importance of the mail. One common solution is to manually setup filters to sort mails into folders. Another solution is to determine if a mail could have a higher priority based on if the sender is in your address book or you have manually selected a mail to be of higher priority.

Setting up manual filters require the user to understand the technology. Also because of setting such filters manually the user have to know what input is required for a filter (e.g. a sender or a group of senders, title, header ...) which is error prone and may not

work. Setting automated priorities only gives an additional level of priority but does not help in getting the in-box clean.

The solution will monitor the users activity and once it detects a repeatable pattern the solution will prompt the user to automate the task. If the user accepts the prompting the filter pattern is created with the user activity. It reflects what the user did and not what the user defined. So it can not contain a manually created error. From now on the users in-box is free from that kind of mail and it will be automatically stored where the user placed the mail manually before. Also the solution may use Watson to pa...