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Provide Continuous Availability for Migration of Business Processes across Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240741D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-25
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Disclosed is a method to support the migration of process instances on an application-by-application basis over a period of time, thus eliminating the need to take down the source and target server during migration. For applications that have dependent functions, the method provides an intelligent migration router to forward requests to the correct server during migration.

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Provide Continuous Availability for Migration of Business Processes across Systems

Business Process Management (BPM) presents a unique requirement for product version-to-version migration. Customers require the ability to move existing long-running business process instances from an older version to a newer version of the product.

Although current systems support a process for that action, several drawbacks are present. Customers must take down the source and target system for the duration of the migration, which can be several days; this is not practical for most enterprise customers. Customers must simultaneously migrate all the business processes that are running the source system, which poses a risky and impractical undertaking.

A system is needed that allows customers to move process instance between systems, as well as from an older version of the product to a newer version, without affecting systems availability. In addition, a method is needed to move along dependent services without breaking process dependency, and provide the ability to compensate/rollback a failed migration attempt without compromising the system integrity.

No known products provide this level of availability.

The novel contribution is a method that allows customers to migrate a selected subset of the process instances while the server is running, thus allowing a gradual migration or movement of process instances from one system with minimum impact to business operations.

The method p...