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Generating actions based on integration of information from social media and time management applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240751D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-25
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Subject publication propose to integrate a time management application with social medias as sources of data which can generate events, triggers, alerts and other actions related to user's schedule.

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Generating actions based on integration of information from social media and time management applications

Many meetings and appointments plans are nowadays managed by applications like lotus notes or google calendar. These systems can generate reminders (for example sms sent 15min before the meeting). In existing time-management applications user can configure several types of actions (sending sms, email, generating pop'up). These actions are scheduled in time usually before the meeting or appointment which is managed by the time-management application. There are many situations in which notification displayed at hard-coded constant amount of time before the scheduled meeting is not enough.

Couple of examples:
1. We are at the office close to the meeting place so the notification 5min before the meeting is fine. When we are in different city then the best time for notification depends on distance from the meeting place. ... Ideally the notification should be sent to you based on your geographical location.

2. One is going to have a meeting with your coworker tomorrow at 11am. On the other hand the coworker published on his facebook's profile that he is going to take part in local maraton at the same time. .... It would be good if the time-management
application would send notification/warning to both of you that there is a potential conflict between marathon event and your meeting.

3. One is waiting for a meeting with your business partner in 2h from now. The meeting is planned to happen in your office. However, your business partner just broadcasted a tweet from the airport which is at least 3h from your office. ..... It would be good to have
an notification from your the time-management system that meeting is not possible on-site. Additionally if the business partner has no information that is necessary to have a on-line meeting, it can be automatically sent to him (if configuration allows it).

4. One plans to...