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The method to mute call with certain gesture pattern

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240758D
Publication Date: 2015-Feb-26
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This invention is about the method to mute the device with certain gesture patterns, which solves the complex muting by the easy solution cover a certain part of the cell phone.

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The method to mute call with certain gesture pattern

The method to mute the device with certain gesture patterns can solve the complex muting problem when people make calls . Cell phones are commonly used in our daily life and people may be in a complex environment when making a call with an important person or dialing in a cell phone conference, such as noisy places where someone else is talking. Currently the solution is to put the cell phone down and find the mute button from the complex menu and then put the cell phone back to the ear. This process is complex and some messages can be missed when such work is doing. An easy and convenient method is to hold the cell phone near the ear but only make a certain hand gesture to the cell phone, and then it will be muted. When the man takes the hand off the cell phone, it will be un-muted.

To mute the cell phone during a call, the general solution is to push the mute button of the call. You need following steps: 1. move the cell phone from the ear to the front of your face, 2. light up the screen, 3. find the mute button, 4. then push the button to mute the phone.

There are 4 steps here, so it takes seconds and the operation is kind of complicated.

Our disclosure is to use the common typical real-time gesture to mute the cell phone, which is quick, natural and easy to use.

When we make a call with the telephone, we often cover the phone to mute the call when there are urgencies. To cover the phone with the hand is the typical gesture to mute the call. We use the same gesture on the cell phone to mute the current call. The call could be muted...