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An aid for avoiding confusion between charcter sets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240785D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-01
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In some cases one types without seeing the results. Such is usually the case with passwords. If the keyboard can be set up to produce characters from different character sets, this could cause annoying mistakes. Modifying keyboard sounds in accordance with the character set in use can prevent such annoying cases.

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An aid for avoiding confusion between charcter sets

The problem: I frequently type without noticing that it is in the wrong character set. In many cases this requires retyping quite a bit.. The problem is annoying in particular when typing in password fields, where the characters cannot be seen.

Emitting different key stroke sounds for different keyboard settings can alert the person that is typing to a mismatch between the actual and expected keyboard setting.

The settings may be different languages, Caps on/off, Num Lock, etc.

Implementation is straightforward.

A set up dialog can be provided for users to choose the sounds they prefer.